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Far Away Ranch, LLC (The Ranch) is a family-owned ranch founded January 1, 2016, as a Cow-Calf Operation raising and producing Black Angus cattle. The ranch is operated by independent producers Ty and Staci Burns and their five children. The small ranch operation was initially profitable. However, by 2019 the operation was enduring a significant downturn due to the decline in market prices of cattle which resulted in a decrease in revenue. At the same time, the costs to produce cattle were surging. In 2020, the cattle market’s inconsistencies were exacerbated as COVID-19 forced shutdowns, resulting in a shortage of packaged beef and inflated prices at grocery stores.  As a result, consumers were acquiring poor quality packaged beef products with low accessibility to locally grown premium packaged beef products.

To ameliorate the vagaries of the cattle market, increase revenue from operations, and provide consumers with a higher quality locally produced product, Far Away Ranch adjusted its business model to produce value added packaged beef products.  Far Away Ranch LLC is operating and producing grass-fed, grain-finished Black Angus beef cattle with an established feeding process resulting in a premium natural-flavored tender beef product.


The Ranch operates the very best practices of cattle husbandry with the gentle treatment of cattle, meeting animal health and welfare standards for optimum animal performance while promoting stewardship of natural resources and reducing environmental impact by protecting the land. Far Away Ranch LLC exclusively raises and produces Black Angus cattle bred, born, and raised as Oklahoma Certified Beef as defined in Oklahoma State Statue signed into law in 2020. The Ranch is a member of the Oklahoma Certified Beef Association and all cattle are certified under an established Third-Party Affidavit System.


“God has truly blessed us with an amazing life and family.”

Ty and Staci were high school sweethearts at Pawnee High School and were reunited years later when they realized they could not and did not want to live life apart. In 2013, they combined their families to make ONE truly beautiful family. They would welcome their two youngest children shortly after!

Ty and Staci raise their children with Oklahoma core country values of honor, loyalty, hard work, respect, community, self-reliance, friendliness, family, and most importantly God. Ty and Staci both are public servants and have dedicated their lives to the service of others with anticipation of others bettering their lives to fulfill the American Dream.



We offer Oklahoma Certified Beef that is grass-fed, grain-finished and guaranteed to bred, born, raised, and processed in Oklahoma. Beef is aged on the hook for 18-21 days, quick-frozen, vacuum-plastic wrapped in individual cuts for longer freezer life. 

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